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This month's Spotlighted ministry is: the AWANA ministry

AWANA stands for Approved Workmen Are Not Ashamed.  The name stems from         2 Timothy 2:15, which encourages all Christians to be well-versed in the Bible.  

AWANA is the heading for the children's clubs that meet on Wednesdays at Hillcrest.      Cubbies club is for preschoolers.

     Sparks club is for Kinder-2nd grade.

     T&T club is for 3rd-5th grade.

The kids earn awards for completion of handbook sections, which consist of Bible verse memorization and other activities.

They also play games and fellowship together.

Click here to read more about AWANA.

              Hillcrest Baptist Church offers Nursery Care

              during almost every church service and activity.  

          The Nursery is regularly cleaned up and well-maintained, 

               Your child will have a safe, secure, and fun time 

                   with our loving and experienced caretakers.

              Nothing less will do, for these precious little ones!

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Kid's Corner 

Don't you just love to get an e-card in your email? Or a birthday greeting on Facebook? Me, too! 
But my favorite thing is receiving a real card - the kind with a pretty picture, signed by someone I know. Holding that card in my hand makes me feel like someone cares about me.
God gave us a wonderful message in the Bible. Holding my Bible, I KNOW He cares about me.
So remember to give the people you love something nice, like a card, or a picture that you drew.
But don't forget the letter that God made for you, the Bible!  ​​

In case you didn't know...

We are thrilled to welcome our new pastor,   Bro. Dwayne Thornton.  We are so happy that you and your family have accepted God's call to serve and worship at Hillcrest.  We are honored to have you. (January 2017)

There is always an opportunity to serve the Lord at Hillcrest.  Please speak to the pastors, staff, or Sunday School director about your calling or interests.  Whether you'd like to serve every week, or just once in a while, we'll help you find a place.


The kids in the 1st-6th grade Sunday School class challenge you to memorize the names of all the books in the New Testament.

Can you do it?  They can!

Anyone is welcome to join the choir.

Just come on up to the choir loft

any Sunday.


Visit the Hillcrest Baptist Church Library

and check out  the great selection of

fiction and non-fiction.

The library is a treasure, at the heart of HBC.


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